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'Anything Can Become a Lesson in Endings'
Brink Literary Journal, Fall 2023, Volume 6: Gravity (print)

Pine Hills Review, 13 September 2023

'Letter to V from Eugene'
Barely South Review,
Spring/Summer 2023, Volume 14.2

'v and i dreamt each other swimming'
Midway Journal, July 2023, Volume 17, Issue 3

​'Questions Without Resolution in the Wake of Bearable Loss' 
The Inflectionist Review, July 2023, Issue 16

'Nights My Father Wants to Die'

Birdcoat Quarterly, July 2023, Issue 14

'Confessions' & 'How to Get Your Mojo Back Without Doing Anything at All'
Up the Staircase Quarterly, May 2023, Issue 61

'Persephone in Recovery'

Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine, April 2023, Volume 9: Agency
 Artists on Artists Interview

'This Picnic is a Wreckage'
Doubleback Review, April 2023, 
Issue 5:1

'Lost, with Super Blood Wolf Moon' & 'Circe Takes Stock'
The McNeese Review, 2023Volume 60 (print)

'Beneath the Naked Mountain'
trampset, February 2023

'Split,' 'Disquietude,' & 'Saturday, 10:35 AM'
Gone Lawn, Fall 2022, Issue 46 

'How to tend to'
The Shore Poetry, Summer 2022, Issue 14

'Memory is a Ghost Called 'Detail''

SWWIM Every Day, May 2022

'Devotion'  * Nominated for Best New Poets
The Pinch, Spring 2022, Issue 42.1 (print) 

'Memory as Dissolution'
Landlocked, 2019, Issue 1, pg 66-67

'Longing for Soft Days in the Desert'
Up the Staircase Quarterly, 2019, Issue 47

'Can I Stop For a Map Along the Way?'

Yes Poetry, November 2019

'The Night Bulging with the Unsaid Said' & 'Jag-wire'
Verdad, Fall 2019, Volume 27

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